Its a time of renewal, hope, energy and positivity, we are excited about the new season here in South Africa and the opportunity to bring like-minded business leaders together.

On the 22 July, 2020, Fibre industry lobby group FTTx Council Africa announced its rebranding to Digital Council Africa. Our evolution is a fresh and vibrant burst of change. We are making our presence felt with a significant commitment to helping Africa embrace digital transformation, taking up its rightful place in the global innovation race.

You may have been familiar with the FTTx conference which has now emerged into a fantastic ‘new innovation on the block’ called FibreCONEXT2020! Its a forum like you’ve never experienced before, stretching beyond conventional limits right from the palm of your hands. A collaboration where we can act together in a time of “Navigating Changing Environments.“

As the digital world continues to evolve around us, entire industries are pursuing individual visions of a digitised future. We’re taking on transformations built around sustainability, convenience and user experience.

Our response to social distancing in a COVID-19 affected world is an unparalleled simulated experience – think networking and innovation but without the mundane protocols. For several years our communication mix has included direct sales, service providers, a mix of large and local forums and an increasing digital presence. But now, more than ever, our customers and employees are proud, active participants in the digital revolution. Our virtual conference will gives you 5 days access to keynote presentations. Whilst the virtual exhibition will include digital company stands where you can view key presentations and download inspirational content to share with your colleagues.

We believes rebranding will enable us to expand the conversation that is needed to accomplish our objectives, which is to foster and develop the digital economy in AfricaHaving a virtual version of a live event has also been proven to increase visitor traffic to the live event. It keeps an audience engaged all year round, so, when the opportunity to attend the live show arrives, the decision is encouraged by the opportunity to physically see products and meet people first hand.

FibreCONEXT2020 site will be regularly updated with upcoming event information throughout spring. Simply sign in and get straight to business, efficiently and effectively, so you won’t miss a thing!

The future has come more quickly than we expected – is your business ready to embrace the digital revolution?

The runway is lit – FTTx is your virtual GPS as we “Navigate Changing Environments.”

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