Message from the CEO, Juanita Clark

Dear Members and Colleagues,

2020! What a year it has been. This year will go down in the history books as the most memorable or disruptive year in our lifetime, depends on perspectives.

The event that got everybody talking, and it’s immediate consequences have posed a serious challenge to our thinking, societies, governments, and businesses in profound and perhaps unprecedented ways.

The fibre sector is also impacted severely, largely responsive to the outbreak and the economic consequences thereof. Some companies the impact was positive, however, some smaller companies absorbed severe losses, and will take some time to fully recover.

It is clear is that widespread digital transformation is here to stay, and the pace of digital disruption is accelerating, at lightning speed,(pardon the pun) As an integral part of the sector,  we as Digital Council Africa and our members,  have to ready ourselves to act on the demand presented before us. This demand which is forecasted to increase as companies and societies transform to the ‘new normal’ to harness digitisation.

This is the important role of #FibreCONEXT2020 Virtual Conference.  Its mandate is to gather together as many of the Disruptors and Change Agents (the Think Tank) of the fibre sector, to engage and converse on how to help us all “Navigate Changing Environments, which is our theme for our inaugural virtual event. This year’s conference and exhibition are no different from the previous years. We will have better opportunities to listen to industry leaders in the sector, as they share strategies and views and inform the sector of their plans, which helps gear and steer the sector for what lies ahead.

Good thought leadership not only informs and educates us, it helps us in our quest to effectively plan and develop our businesses.

Digital Council Africa welcomes you to be a part of our virtual experience this year, at our state-of-the-art virtual platform, and CONEXT with us along this journey. Browse through our virtual exhibition, enjoy a virtual drink in our VIP networking rooms, engage with industry leaders in our breakaway technical sessions, giving you the freedom and access to building your itinerary for the week. Sponsors and exhibitors can be part of and track the progress on the design of their exhibition stands.

Your support means the world to us and we endeavour to ensure that the event is a success. We encourage you to sign up or register, as this event. We express our gratitude to those companies who have signed up. We will ensure you have the best virtual eventing experience and to add a little more, the event can be used to full advantage to maximise exposure of each sponsor’s brand.

2020 is in a transitional state, and a year of epic transformation, leading fundamental change in the fabric of society, that being ‘behavioural change’ meaning, how we consume and communicate moving forward. The digital industry has an incredibly important role to play in laying the foundation for our ‘the new normal’.

I am excited to be engaging with you during the conference as we prepare to unpack our role in this new era, and to remember and remind ourselves to be kind and always put human-beings at front and centre of what we do.


Juanita Clark | Chief Executive | Digital Council Africa
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FTTx Council Africa rebrands as the Digital Council

Fibre industry lobby group FTTx Council Africa announced on Wednesday that it is rebranding as the Digital Council Africa.

FTTx Council Africa was established in 2010 by technology industry veteran and investor Richard Came. Juanita Clark, who co-founded the council with Came, will stay on as Digital Council Africa CEO.

Former Dimension Data Middle East & Africa chairman and technology industry investor Andile Ngcaba will continue to serve as the body’s president.

The new name will place us in a position where we can have a more inclusive conversation across a wider audience…
“The Digital Council will focus on the expectations of a gigabit society,” the organisation said in an e-mailed statement.

“The name change is part of the organisation’s strategy aimed at emphasising the strength of its commitment to helping Africa embrace digital transformation and take up its rightful place in the global innovation race.

“The goal of the organisation is to stimulate growth in the digital sector by sharing knowledge on this subject with policy makers, operators and influencers.

“The new name will place us in a position where we can have a more inclusive conversation across a wider audience… For our existing members we remain committed to the causes that got us here in the first place.” — (c) 2020 NewsCentral Media