This is our friendly greeting in MZANSI, OUR SOUTH AFRICA, OUR HERITAGE.  We love MZANSI for many things, the melting pot of diversity, dialects and diasporas, but the one thing that trumps all of this is our FRIENDLINESS.  South Africans all over the world are noted for their friendly nature, no matter where in the world we are scattered.  This is our innate HERITAGE, we embrace, we love, we care, we share, we give, we connect with reckless abandon and without reservation, giving of ourselves unconditionally.  This is our HEARTLAND, our place we call HOME.

Only in MZANSI, do we have car-guards, they are meant to guard your vehicle, but they do much more than that.  They pack your car for you after you have shopped, push your trolley, direct traffic and if given a bucket and water, you could have your car washed, all done during your shopping, only in MZANSI do you get to experience this.  LOCAL IS LEKKER!!!  That just means, we enjoy home-grown and home-brewed, everything that tantalizes the taste buds.  Our food is infused with exotic spices from the Indians and Asian cultures, blended with African herbs to make some of the most delectable marinades and rubs for an authentic BRAAI DAY, aaah the day of celebration, HERITAGE DAY, also known as NATIONAL BRAAI DAY, the day where most South Africans hover over a an iron stand with a wire mesh, mostly locally made, whereby every kind of meat is cooked over hot coals, whilst we sip only alcoholic beverages to toast the day.

It is a day of family gatherings, visits from friends and colleagues to mark a day of feasting and reveling in the goodness and greatness of all things MZANSI, a truly authentic, real SOUTH AFRICAN DAY.  We shop, we braai, we feast, we laugh, we celebrate, we enjoy, we CONEXT.

South Africans by nature are funny, we find the lighter side of a serious occurrence and soon enough jokes and memes are going viral on social media.  We can laugh at ourselves and infuse humor into all our conversations, making crowds roar with laughter.  Such is the resilience of the people of MZANSI, we are a tenacious community of diverse cultures and independent thinkers, we can adapt and co-exist in peace and harmony, yet come together when needed,  and this is what makes us unique. Our slangs or colloquial words and phrases, will never be heard anywhere else in the world, and if it is spoken anywhere other than MZANSI, then be rest assured, that person is a real SOUTH AFRICAN, they are carrying their HERITAGE.

HAPPY HERITAGE DAY MZANSI, enjoy sunny skies, braai-vleis and bunny-chows while toasting the days with cold ones celebrating lockdown level one with family, friends and colleagues.  We are #StrongerTogether, We are #Msanzi



FTTx Council Africa rebrands as the Digital Council

Fibre industry lobby group FTTx Council Africa announced on Wednesday that it is rebranding as the Digital Council Africa.

FTTx Council Africa was established in 2010 by technology industry veteran and investor Richard Came. Juanita Clark, who co-founded the council with Came, will stay on as Digital Council Africa CEO.

Former Dimension Data Middle East & Africa chairman and technology industry investor Andile Ngcaba will continue to serve as the body’s president.

The new name will place us in a position where we can have a more inclusive conversation across a wider audience…
“The Digital Council will focus on the expectations of a gigabit society,” the organisation said in an e-mailed statement.

“The name change is part of the organisation’s strategy aimed at emphasising the strength of its commitment to helping Africa embrace digital transformation and take up its rightful place in the global innovation race.

“The goal of the organisation is to stimulate growth in the digital sector by sharing knowledge on this subject with policy makers, operators and influencers.

“The new name will place us in a position where we can have a more inclusive conversation across a wider audience… For our existing members we remain committed to the causes that got us here in the first place.” — (c) 2020 NewsCentral Media